Clones & Plants

Currently Out of Stock On All Clones. 

More Coming Soon!

Guaranteed Bug & Mold Free!

Nice Healthy Clones to Grow your own Meds!

** All Clones come with Written instructions on how you can continue caring for the plants!

Stage 1 – Fresh cut clones from our really healthy Mother plants!

Once they take root, we transplant them into the red cups to allow for faster root growth!

And some that take root really quick go into 1 gallon buckets!

Clones and Teens that have taken root and are very healthy! Bug and Mold Free!

Strains that are available:

Currently Out of Stock


Clones: Donation amounts are listed.

16 oz. Red Cups:

Under 6″-8″ $10.00 ea. or 12 for $100.00. Mix & Match!


1 Gallon Black Bucket: 

Clones 6-8″ $15.00 ea.


Clones 8-10″ $20.00


11-14″+ $25.00