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Daily Deals! Jan 15th Open From 9am-1pm & 4pm-8pm. 

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BOGO Deal! Donate for an Oz of Banana Kush and get a FREE Eighth of Private Reserve: GG #4 or Pink Panties or Blue Cookies or Banana Kush!

** (Private Reserve)  Blue Cookies, Pink Panties – $150/Oz or $80/Half Oz. or 8g/$55, 4g/$35

** (Private Reserve)  Banana Kush, Paris OG, King Louie, Tahoe OG, Gorilla Glue #4 – $160/Oz or $85/Half Oz. or 8g/$55, 4g/$35

** (Private Reserve)  Soul Assassin OG – $170/Oz or $90/Half Oz. or 8g/$55, 4g/$35

** (Private Reserve) Farmers Trim Shake – $50/Oz, $30/Half Oz and $20/7g

** PR Shake Available – See Bargain Bin!

** (Mid Shelf) King Louie & Blue Dream – $115/Oz, $60/Half Oz or $40/8g, 4g/$25

** (PR) Trim Run Shatter – 1g/$20 * 2g/$35 * 5g/$75

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